Having houseplants in your space will liven up any room while making the environment more inviting. If you are itching to add some character to your apartment, you may decide that you want to plant a plant, or two! Add any of these plants to your repertoire to add clean air and color to your apartment space. If gardening is your thing, or you are new to this, then any of these options will be sure to make you feel more at home.

Gerber Daisy 

This plant likes being in the sun, so if it is next to a sunny window, then it will be sure to thrive. If you are a person that frequents the dry cleaners, then this plant could be of use to you. One of the neat things about this flower is that it removes a chemical from the air called trichloroethylene, which can come from the cleaners.   

Aloe Plant

This plant would be handy to have healthy during the summer months. All-natural aloe is more effective for skin application than the store-bought aloe gel. Aloe’s primary purpose is that it can help heal cuts in addition to aiding sunburns. Like the Gerber Daisy, this plant can remove harmful toxins that come from cleaning products and paint.  

Peace Lily

For the Peace Lily, its caring instructions are not as tedious as others. It requires the environment to be dry and in low light. This plant is one of the best for combating many harsh chemicals that can be trapped in the air.

Bamboo Palm

Like the Peace Lily, this plant is highly effective at cleaning the air of toxins. When put in a shady area, this plant will produce small berries and flowers. To be safe, we recommend keeping this plant out of reach of children and pets.  

Snake Plant

Fun fact about this plant is that it is also known as the Mother-In-Law’s Tongue. The Snake Plant is known for ridding the air of harsh chemicals that come from bathroom cleaners and bleach, which would make this plant most suitable in bathroom spaces. As far as caring for this plant, it does the best when the area is humid and does not have much light.

Each one of these plants can give back to you and your space if you follow these simple plant care instructions carefully. Air purifiers can be expensive and may require more maintenance, but if you decide to include a few of these friends in your apartment, then you will be able to see a difference in how you and your house guests feel. Plus, plants make spaces cuter and more welcoming!

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