Most of us aren’t interior designers with unlimited budgets and time to decorate our apartment. But, anyone with good taste can take these few design tips to make their dwelling feel larger and make it stylish. Seriously, you’ve got it.

Don’t put furniture against the wall.

For most of us, we think that putting our furniture right up against the wall is Design 101. But, you can create the illusion of roominess buy keeping big pieces a few inches off from the wall. It’s an eye trick that will make you feel like you’re in a bigger room than you are.

Buy multipurpose furniture.

Anytime you find cute furniture with storage in it, pick it up! In an apartment, you’ll want any extra storage that you can get. Also, pieces that can serve as flat surfaces or seating are the absolute best for apartments. You definitely won’t regret buying a multipurpose ottoman.

Follow the cantaloupe rule.

You’re probably thinking “What on earth is the cantaloupe rule?” Well, the tip comes from Target HomeStyle Expert Sabrina Soto. She says, “Decorative accents that are smaller than a cantaloupe cramp a room.” So, go ahead and pass up on the trinkets. Instead, go for statement pieces like a large vase or interesting lamp. No knick-knacks allowed.

Don’t go overboard with smaller accent pieces…

Overhead lighting isn’t enough.

First things first, let the natural light in! Open the blinds and get rid of heavy curtains. Natural light will make the room feel bigger and improve your mood. Also, for nighttime hours: make sure you’ve got plenty of lighting sources. Overhead lighting pools the light into one spot, but multiple lighting sources will create more focal points. This will make your apartment feel bigger!

Simplify your style.

Odds are, you have way more stuff than you need. It’s healthy to do a yearly clean sweep of your belongings. Clean out your closet, your dresser, your kitchen, and even your decor. Over time, we all accumulate too much stuff. The less that’s in your apartment, the bigger it will feel. The same idea applies to decoration, often less is more.

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