You may think that you have exhausted your options decorating your apartment. Do not worry; you can utilize some areas in your space that you may not have noticed before. Running out of space can be frustrating, and you may think that getting rid of some stuff could be the answer, not in this case. You will be able to keep your decorative cookie jar and your toiletries if you take note of some of these small hacks for decorating a smaller space.  

Behind your doors  

By hanging a wire shelf behind your bathroom door, or any door, you decide to could be useful. It is like a shower rack, but longer and would allow you to hold more things. For reference, Bed Bath and Beyond have a similar style on their website available for purchase, and they give a visual on what items can go onto it.  

Above your bathroom doors

By adding a shelf above your bathroom door to store towels is a great way to save space in your cabinets. You could roll up your towels and place them on top of the door, so that way they would be easily accessible to you and your guests. On Target’s website, they have several shelves that you could choose from to help you decorate your room more efficiently.   

Corner shelves

Corner shelves can be the epitome of fashion forward pieces which can help you organize your decorative items. You can add two or three in your kitchen or living room, wherever there is a change in the wall direction. When selecting the perfect corner shelf, keep in mind the measurements of the width of your corner wall, so you will be able to buy the right ones. Wayfair has a variety of these corner shelves in different colors and styles that would be sure to make you breathe a little easier.

Above a piece of furniture  

Placing shelves above decorative pieces of furniture like a desk, couch, or even an end table can free up a copious amount of room. No matter your style, you would be able to spruce up your area while you declutter it. Putting shelving systems up can optimize any space whether it is your kitchen, bathroom, or above your desk in your office. Shelves can be a fashion-forward statement no matter the vibe of the room. If you’re in the market for the shelving system, or any of the other listed items, Wayfair has anything and everything, especially this rustic looking shelving unit.

These tips are just a few of the many ways that you can decorate efficiently within your space. Be creative, think of things that could be alternatives for shelves or just a little cutout, a wall-mounted shape that could hold a plant. The possibilities are endless when you decide to lessen the clutter in your room.