If you are an adult (we are talking to those 21 and up here) then you know what the holidays can bring, from stress to celebrations. Whether you are struggling with your holiday calendar or lining up as many Christmas events you can manage, these spiked Christmas cocktails can be enjoyed through it all.   

Whiskey Hot Chocolate

If it is alcohol and chocolate, it probably tastes delicious. This recipe is specific to those who enjoy a whiskey drink, warming you up till the last drop. Try this recipe topped off with mini marshmallows for an extra treat. If you aren’t a whiskey drinker, try any of your favorite drinks in your hot chocolate, we hear red wine is a popular favorite.

Santa Claus-mopolitans

Taking a traditional classic cosmopolitan and sprinkling some Christmas spirit on top. This recipe will have you singing Christmas carols and seeing Santa hats from the very first sip. With cranberry juice and a sugar rim, this cocktail is all Santa Claus themed.

White Christmas Margaritas

We’re dreaming of a white Christmas…margarita. Who says margaritas aren’t for Christmas parties? Add this twist on the classic margarita recipe, and you’ll be changing minds in no time. Adding coconut milk adds a creamy sweetness and the look of white snow.

Drunk Jack Frosties

We all have a favorite Christmas character and if you’re a fan of the chilly Jack Frost, you’ll love this drink inspired by him. This drink calls for champagne and vodka with a lemon wedge for a bitter bite. Add in the blue curacao for a tangy orange taste and an icy appearance. Enjoy this recipe with all your close friends and pop in a Christmas movie, maybe try Jack Frost.

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