Winter is coming, and it’s time to prepare ourselves for what it may bring. If you’d like to stand a chance against a high heating bill, consider giving entertaining these tips a try in your home.

Take Advantage of the Sun

Those rays of sun that we often hate seeing in the morning lead to a warmer feeling house if we let them. Having curtains open during the day allows for heat to enter the house and insulate it with warmth. This task will aid in the minimization of heat loss during the day while simultaneously keeping cold air at bay.

Cover Your Windows at Night

This suggestion is the yang to tip #1. Covering windows when the sun goes down allows for the heat created in the house during the day from the sun’s rays to remain at an optimal level. It also assists in keeping large amounts of cold air from entering your home via the window area.

Learn to Love Rugs & Socks

As weird as this tip may sound, loving rugs and socks are a necessity for the impending winter. Our feet are the most sensitive part of our bodies during the winter in the sense that if our feet are cold, then our whole bodies are likely to feel cold. Rugs and socks allow for the ground to have extra thermal layering for our bodies to fight off the cold winter. The recommendation is to wear socks in general; but it can be noted: the thicker the socks, the warmer you’ll feel. As far as rugs go, any rug is better than no rug. Just make sure that the rugs are in key walking areas like bathrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms.

Trap Heat Whenever Possible

While this sounds simple, trapping heat is often harder than we think. Every time we open a door, we’re inevitably opening our houses up to cold air. While body heat, cooking, and thermostats help to create heat around the house, these sources will have minimal impact if we’re constantly letting heat out and cold air in. A super easy trick to ensure that the least amount of cold air gets through doors or windows is to seal them up. In the case of doors, bolt them whenever you have the chance since bolted doors are closed completely, usually with no air holes.

Rearrange the Furniture

The closer the furniture, the warmer you’ll feel. Move your furniture closer and toward the center of your rooms. The center of rooms is always going to be warmer than the perimeter of rooms. Additionally, keeping furniture away from the perimeter prevents furniture from blocking air vents and thus allowing heat to fully oscillate.

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