With cooler temps and colorful sunsets, summer evenings are perfect for patio lounging, especially in Lubbock, Tx. At Catalina West, we believe your outdoor space is a special extension of your home, in both style and comfort. Try some of our favorite decorating ideas and you’ll soon be living your best life, on your patio! 



1. Purposeful Plants

The staple of your outdoor paradise should definitely be the greenery! Plants bring life to any space and many have double duties. While Begonias and Succulents are very low maintenance, Marigolds and Geraniums give lots of color and help ward off mosquitos. Herbs offer added benefits as well, since most are natural insect repellents and edible. Lavender can give your patio beautiful color, aromatherapy, and something to infuse your next cup of tea. If you don’t have the time to care for outdoor greenery, you can always opt for similar artificial plants.

2. Dreamy Displays

Once you’ve picked out your plants, have some fun with planting them! You can never have too many ceramic pots, we consider them art, but unique, handmade or multi-purpose planters can inject more personality. A potted trellis is classic, helps hide eye sores and gives life to vertical structures. If your style is more rustic, a wood pallet can go a long way for planting (see Pinterest). And nowadays, there are tons of wall fixtures, hanging baskets—even planters designed to straddle patio railings. Play with mixed silhouettes, heights and materials for an unexpected, eclectic feel.

3.Fancy Flooring

Flooring can make or break the mood of a room. The same applies to your patio vibes. Again, choose floor coverings that feel like you and make you feel at home. Outdoor rugs offer comfort, a variety of designs, and serve to “ground” or unite furnishings. Layering different textured rugs is currently a popular approach. If you want the function of a rug but a modern or sporty feel, opt for a turf panel. Or for something out of the box, check out hardware stores for different removable wood or vinyl flooring tiles.

4. Fun Furnishings

The more comfortable your outdoor space is, the more you will use it! Hence the need for good furnishings. Egg chairs are all the rave but if you need something more affordable, try some DIY. Give wooden crates, discarded furniture or antiques new found purpose with paint. For a big effect on a small budget, get a bench and style it with some bold print outdoor cushions–this is the best place to experiment with bright colors and graphic prints. When curating your outdoor space, just remember to keep weather in mind, choose furnishings with durable yet attractive finishes that will hold up in the elements.

5. Character Cues

You are the most important part of your outdoor space! Make it personal and authentic with conversation pieces that speak to you. There’s no rule outlawing outdoor canvas art, picture frames or random trinkets—all these things tell your story. Add pops of your favorite color with throws or pillows—we believe there’s no such thing as “too many pillows”. If your plants don’t give off good smells, setup a wallflower or your favorite candles. Add some extra zen with a water feature. And don’t forget the power of lighting, fun strings lights or mini-lanterns can provide soothing ambients and interesting aesthetics. 



Find the Perfect Patio at Catalina West

When it comes to making your outdoor space comfortable and inviting, we suggest you get creative and experiment beyond your basic patio furniture. If you crave curating your own outdoor space, bring the inside outside at Catalina West. Our floor plans offer a variety of patio options, from pool-facing balconies to private front porches. Contact us today for availability!