With Valentine’s Day around the corner, the pressure is on to show your special person you care. The good news? You can do it from the comfort of home. Kick off your shoes and turn up the romance with these simple, oh-so-thoughtful nights in.



1. Couples Cook Night

The most romantic meal can’t be ordered off a menu. According to a study by Calphalon and Light Speed GMI, science says couples who cook together, stay together. The statistics support that meal prep sessions can strengthen communication skills, therefore encouraging a happier and healthier relationship. So, roll up your sleeves and cook up some romance with your partner by making a special meal—just for the two of you, made by the two of you.

2. Wine Night

This one is easy! Crowded bars are for single people. Grab a bottle of delicious vintage for an evening of clinking glasses and conversation. 

3. Homemade Movie Night

Forget the conventional “Netflix and chill”. Show your sweetheart you care by popping some home-made popcorn, firing up a flick, and getting cozy on the couch. Maybe even mix things up with a throwback movie experience. Have a fun flashback with your love through a black and white classic or a double feature with something interesting for both of you, like your favorite teenage love stories. 

4. Game Night

In general, games can help you decompress and stay sharp but they also have hidden relationship benefits. Playing a game with your significant other can break down walls and encourage comfort in communications for an unconscious bond, especially in younger relationships. If you want a Valentine’s Day win, grab a fun game for two!

5. A Night of Reminiscing

Take a trip down memory lane! Make use of your picture-perfect moments by making an evening of them. Whether scrolling through your Facebook page or flipping through your wedding album, remembering happy times can only bring you closer together.




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