There’s something about a spacious, organized closet that feels undeniably luxurious. Though having roomy dimensions built-in definitely helps, the way you lay out your closet can drastically change the way it looks and makes you feel. Step into luxury by following this guide for making a fabulous home for your clothes. 



Step One: Eliminate What You Don’t Wear

A big part of creating the closet of your dreams consists of what’s hanging inside. Don’t wait for spring cleaning to roll around to make your annual purge! Make room for clothes and accessories you love by eliminating pieces you no longer use at the start of each season. As Marie Kondo says, “only keep things that spark joy for you”. Not only will this make your space look better; it will also give you an excuse to go shopping for essentials that need replacing (win-win)!

CLOSET HACK: Clean out your closet just before the holidays! When temperatures dip the demand for warm clothing increases, especially among the needy. You can donate gently used items to your favorite charity AND make room for future gifts—everyone can find some joy in the season! 

Step Two: Make the Most of Your Space

Even if the floor plan of your home wasn’t blessed with a walk-in closet, you can still create a chic space by using every inch available. Rather than wasting the natural negative space between your hanging clothes and shoes, invest in multi-dimensional shelving. This extra storage will go a long way toward making room for all your essentials, as well as concealing any eyesores you would rather not display. You can also add bins to the top shelf of your closet to make items stored in this area more accessible.

CLOSET HACK: Stock your closet by season! Meaning, remove any clothes that you will not wear in the next 3-4 months and pack them into storage bins—we like to use the size that can slide under your bed. This way your wardrobe reflects only the current season, there is more room for items to breathe and be seen, and less decisions in the mornings!

Step Three: Get Organized

Now, the fun part! Create an organizational system that makes sense for you. Sort clothes into clothing types or colors to make your closet both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Roll bulkier items, like sweaters, for better storing, fold the looser items that tend to fall off hangers and file away the smaller things into drawers with clear dividers. To avoid a sterile look, opt for storage containers with good natural textures or nice fabrics that reflect your style. Get creative with storage options by using them in non-traditional ways—shoe shelves can double as storage for rolled items. Don’t hesitate to decorate your closet, just do so in moderation. If you have the wall space, hang a picture or small piece of art so this area truly looks and feels like home. And the final touch of course, something to cushion your feet while you get your style on—dress the entrance of your closet with a cozy rug.

CLOSET HACK: Treat your hats like art! This Pinterest-worthy trend is on the rise because it serves multiple purposes—saves space in your closet and dresses up your walls. Simply use an open wall in your bedroom as the canvas to hang your hats. In the process, you can play with different arrangements for extra character or follow a simple grid for clean lines. If you try this and share your masterpiece on social, please be sure to tag us!



Your Dream Closet is Waiting.

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