Living in an apartment does not mean that you must keep the same aesthetic that comes with your place. I would not confuse this with ripping out backsplash or adding a different wood floor, but you could add less drastic things that compliment apartment living.

Most of the apartments these days already come with some fresh and updated finishes, but you can still add personal touches to your space to make it unique compared to the other units in your building.  

Besides, who wants to be mainstream anyway?  

Vinyl Floor Rugs  

Who knew these even existed? Vinyl floor rugs are in the same family as carpet but are more durable and look like fancy tile flooring. This specific addition can be cut to fit any space and look amazing no matter where you place it. When you buy these rugs, you need to know the floor dimensions of your area before you order one, they come in many different sizes. Cottage Home has a plentiful supply of different styles and designs so you can find just the rug to fit your vibe.  

Wall Adhesive Stickers  

Something magical that is now available on the market is peel and stick wall stickers. When you shop for these, make sure that the type you buy will not peel your existing paint off the walls. LimeWallDecall on Etsy has many kinds of adhesive designs you can purchase. You can find small little details that you can add to your bathroom, or they have big floral designs that would look great in an apartment bedroom.  

Wallpaper Adhesives  

If you wanted to make a bolder statement, then you could up your game and find adhesive wallpaper. Yes, this is a thing, and yes wallpaper is coming back in style. Along with just designed wallpaper, you also have the option of buying peel and stick brick and fake wood paneling to add a rustic look. Textured wallpaper is an option as well, there are various options for the type of style you’re into, and what look you are trying to achieve.  

You can make all your friends jealous with these simple, do-it-yourself tricks to make your unit the most unique in the complex. Apartment spaces could be made more fun by adding small stickable wall decals here and there or a vintage tile rug in your bathroom.

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