You might not have the biggest closet, but that’s okay! You are just a few simple steps away from maximizing your closet space.  

Let’s face it; everyone wishes they had a larger enough place to store both summer AND winter clothes, but most of the time, that’s not the case. Working with your medium sized closet can be fun and worth the effort. Now let’s get to it!  

Step 1: Purging  

You knew this was coming, but to have more room, you must get rid of some things. Just think of it as though you are making room for new clothes! Start with tossing the things that don’t fit anymore and the items that are out of style. Another trick is trying to think of the last time you wore that specific item, if it was years ago, toss it.  

Many places around town accept clothes donations or will exchange your clothes for cash. Doing this step is imperative to see an overall difference in your closet.  

Step 2: Figuring out a system

If you are like me, then you have a shoe problem and desperately need an intervention. Knowing what your needs are and how you want your closet organized will help you in choosing a system that will work the best for you.  

You may want a shoe holder that covers the back side of your closet door, or a shelving system for above the clothing rack for storage for items like purses, belts, scarves or tall boots.  

Even though there is not an IKEA close by, you can still shop online and find one of their ALGOT closet systems.  

Check them out; I assure you that it is the holy grail of closet organization!  

Step 3: Utilizing the entire space  

When you have selected an ideal decluttering system that fits your needs, then you’re ready to start organizing.  

If in the beginning, you were apprehensive about giving your clothes away, then you may want to use the entire space of your closet. That can be an organizing system behind your door, or bins on the side to hold less frequently worn items.  

The possibilities are endless when giving your closet a much-needed makeover. If you are diligent about parting with last season’s styles and finding a declutter system that makes you not unhappy when you open your closet door, then these tips should be right up your alley.  

After you find what works for you, that means no more messy piles of shoes on the floor or a packed clothing rack, and that’s something that will make you breathe easier, at least for a while.