With spring just around the corner, that means warmer weather, being outside more, and doing some entertaining. These can be exciting things to look forward to, but before you can do any of those, you should create the dream balcony you have always wanted! Here are some tips on how to make that dream a reality!  

Having a little outside sanctuary for spring and summer months could be difficult to achieve, but there are simple things that can be done to make it your own.  

No matter if your apartment balcony is overwhelming with space, or teeny tiny, having an apartment balcony is a blessing and not a curse.  

Textiles, Textiles, Textiles  

Before you set your heart on something for your outdoor dream area, you must remember to get things that are outdoor friendly; these things are made for weather and all its conditions. As for textiles, you can get a couple of different loud outdoor rugs and make them overlap each other. Bright and colorful pillows for a plain outdoor chair or couch would make the area appear more luxurious to your guests. Bold textiles and patterns can turn your balcony into a bohemian oasis.  

Getting your outdoor space litExterior Upward Patio View | Catalina West Apartment Homes in Lubbock, Texas

Candles are great for creating mood and light but are not the best idea for an outdoor sanctuary. However, many other things can provide light in its place. Outdoor Edison lights, lanterns, or pendant lamps would be the perfect touch to any balcony; lights make statements, and bold ones at that. The lights you choose can profoundly influence the vibe of your balcony.   

Embracing your green (or brown) thumb

It doesn’t matter if you’re fluent in gardening or have never planted a plant in your life, purchasing real or fake plants to add to your balcony will give it a natural, earthy feel. Plus, plants make the spaces therein happier.  

You can buy fake plants at Hobby Lobby; their selection of greenery stretches far beyond what the eye can see, they would surely have something for your style. If you decided you wanted to take a risk and plant some living plants, then make sure the plants you choose fit best in an outdoor space and can handle the unpredictable weather of Lubbock, Texas.  

Combating the weather  

Living in Lubbock is full of surprises, you never know if it will be windy, rainy, sunny or snowy. Purchasing an umbrella means that it can protect you from the harmful UV rays while you read a book in your outdoor oasis or keep your couch from getting rained on in the spring. Stand up umbrellas can come in varying sizes, so no matter the space of your balcony, you would be able to find one that compliments your area well.