The urge to travel is at its peak right now, so we have put together our list of top summer destinations. Whether you are looking for a trip to embrace the warm weather, go to the beach, or just satisfy your summer travel urge, we have you covered.

To help narrow down your options, keep in mind factors such as activities, lodging, entertainment options, and weather.


Are you looking for an urban adventure? Amsterdam may not have been the first destination that comes to mind but it is actually one of the most ideal places to visit in the summertime. Spend your sunny day biking through the beautiful old world city of Amsterdam.

The Bahamas

The Bahamas is simply one of the most beautiful beach destinations in the world. The clear blue water and dazzling colored beaches are what typically attracts tourism. There are well over 700 unique islands with exceptional weather and entertainment activities.

Catalina Island, California

It’s not a coincidence that Catalina Island is on the list of Catalina West Apartments top summer destinations. This island is perfect for those of you who love the beach and outdoor activities. You can spend the day snorkeling, swimming, hiking, or biking.

Colorado, Gunnison Valley

While many people think of Colorado as a winter destination, it also offers paradise in the summer. Colorado is known for outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, hiking, fly fishing, and so much more. Apart from the tremendous experiences, you can find some of the most scenic lodges that almost look too dreamy to be true.


The islands of Hawaii are full of beaches and excursion options to choose from. There are six major islands that are tailored for specific luxuries and beach vacations. The best part about this destination is you don’t need a passport to travel. It is perfect for all ages and activities.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Although many people overlook Vegas as a hot summer destination, there is a lot to do. Las Vegas is known for its casinos, but there are tons of pools and nightclubs to check out. We recommend planning your trip in the middle of the week for lower prices and fewer crowds of people.

Miami, Florida

When you first hear about Miami, the beaches and parties are what probably comes to mind. But wait, there is more to it. Do you want to get a taste of the Cuban culture? Miami has got you covered. Want a spontaneous and affordable trip? Miami.  It has incredible fresh-caught seafood and so much to see.

Nashville, Tennessee

Believe it or not, Nashville is one of the top major U.S. cities to visit in the South. There is always live music everywhere you go and a likelihood of running into a celebrity. Aside from the music industry, Nashville has a fantastic food selection. If you’re looking to try some southern comfort food and sweet tea, Nashville is the place to be.

San Diego, California

The weather in San Diego during the Summer months is just one of the many reasons it is a top rated summer destination. If you are looking to sit on the beach or go check out the crowds at Comic-Con, you will find something entertaining to do. There are miles and miles of beaches in San Diego and tons of spectacular restaurants to try.

West Yellowstone, Montana

Do you want to visit one of the most beautiful outdoor sceneries in the U.S.? West Yellowstone is every outdoorsman’s dream destination. Activities such as fishing, biking, hiking, and hunting are just some of the many things to do in the summer. Parades and Rodeos are also very popular in the summer months, which can make for a trip filled with a whole lot of fun.