Summer is so close we’re already starting to sweat. The best way to start getting ready for your next workout routine is to keep it fun and exciting. If you want to find out our favorite summer fitness routines, keep reading this blog.

Apartment Workout

The Catalina West Apartment workout is simple. Follow along for an intensive, all-body workout you can do without leaving your apartment.


  • Find a spacious and comfortable area
  • Sit and reach to your toes as far as you can

Pillow Press

  • Lift your pillow for 10-30 reps
  • Rest
  • Repeat two times

*For increased difficulty, add 2-4 pillows on top


  • Step ahead with one foot, leaning forward until you feel the stretch
  • Add weights for a more strenuous workout
  • Repeat

Vertical Jumps

  • Start by standing on the ground and facing your bed
  • Bend your knees and push off, jumping with your arms raised over your head
  • Land safely on the bed
  • Roll off the bed and repeat


  • Finish the episode you’re watching
  • Race to the fridge for 5-10
  • Pick a snack
  • Make it back before the next one starts
  • Repeat every 30 or 60 minutes depending on episode length

Take a Swim

Swimming is a wonderful way to stay cool while working out and Catalina West offers a resort-style pool where you can burn calories. Warm up with shoulder rolls and arm rotations. Choose a variety of strokes to keep your body from making the same motion repetitively.

Fitness Center

Commuting to the gym is a hassle that you don’t need in your life. Instead, use the Catalina West Fitness Center, a fully equipped gym that’s on the premises. The fitness center at Catalina West features all the newest equipment, including Peloton® bikes. Our air-conditioned fitness center will allow you to stay cool and burn the summer calories you desire.

Walk Your Dog

Walking is a great exercise that is even more fun when you bring your furry friend along. There is a trail around Catalina West that is perfect for dogs and their owners. At Catalina West, you can have the active, and pet-friendly lifestyle you want.

Keeping summer fitness fun is a breeze at Catalina West. Contact us today to schedule a showing.