Pool days are meant to be relaxing, and the last thing you need to happen is to realize you left something behind when you get to the pool. We are here to prevent that from happening. So, find a bag and get to packing your pool bag must-haves!

Clothing and Accessories

  • Swimsuit (This is an obvious one.)
  • Cover-Up (To throw on when you have to go to the bathroom, etc.)
  • Hair Ties (Ladies, this is your best friend for a hot sunny day.)
  • Hat (Protect your face from getting sunburnt and wear a hat.)
  • Sandals (For when you have to go to the bathroom and to protect your feet from burning when you walk by the pool.)

Sun Essentials

  • Sunscreen (Spray sunscreen is the way to go.)
  • Chapstick with SPF (Nobody likes chapped or dry lips.)
  • Tanning Oil (For those who want to bronze up by the pool.)
  • Sunglasses (To protect your eyes from sun damage. Plus you will look good.)

Pool Essentials

  • Towel (This is a must. To save room in your bag, roll it up.)
  • Snacks (Everyone gets hungry by the pool. Pack some fruit, crackers, snack bars, etc.)
  • Water (Bring water to keep from getting dehydrated.)
  • Reading Material (Bring a book to read while you are laying out by the pool.)
  • Speaker (A waterproof Bluetooth speaker is a game changer.)


  • Cash (Just in case you need to buy a refreshment by the pool.)
  • Hair Brush (A “Wet Brush” is the best for detangling your hair.)
  • Change of Clothes (So you don’t have to sit in the car with a wet bathing suit on.)
  • Ziploc bag (Throw your phone in a Ziploc to keep it from getting wet or overheated.)