Deciding on a new place to live can be tricky. Plus, the leasing process can be nerve-racking for some. But, there’s no need to stress over finding your next apartment, all it takes is five simple steps!

Step 1: Find your perfect floor plan.

In order to determine your ideal floor plan, you’ll need to decide if you want a roommate or not. On one hand, roommates can lower the costs of an apartment by making rent more affordable, splitting utilities, and combining housewares and furniture. Plus, they can be good company. On the other, there’s one serious benefit to living alone: having complete control over your space. No matter what you choose, Catalina West has great one-bedroom and two-bedroom options (Three-bedroom coming soon!).  

Step 2: Make sure you get the amenities you need.

Don’t automatically look for the cheapest option, because amenities do matter. A gym and pool can end up saving you the added expense of a fitness club. Also, an apartment with an outdoor community area can save you from expensive nights out, just invite your significant other or friends to your apartment instead. It’s about finding an apartment that adds convenience and value to your life.

Step 3: Fill out an application.

Before you can sign somewhere, you’ll actually need to apply. The better the apartment is, the more stringent the requirements for tenants will be.

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Step 4: Review and sign your lease.

Once you’ve qualified, you are ready to sign your lease. It’s never a bad idea to read your lease all the way through so that you know what you’re agreeing to. Also, there may be tenant requirements that you wouldn’t normally know to follow. For example, did you know that lighting candles can often be a violation of your lease? Thoroughly understanding your lease agreement will prevent any misunderstandings or hassles later on. Once you’ve read it, you can sign!.

Step 5: Move in.

Once you’ve signed your lease, all you have to do is move in. Once you’ve got your apartment all set up how you like it, start acclimating yourself to your new home. Go hit the gym, layout by the pool and then meet your neighbors. Catalina West is a great place to live, relax and make friends in Lubbock.

Come over and take a tour of Catalina West apartments (3420 Milwaukee Ave, Lubbock, TX 79407) Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. and Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Contact Catalina West online or email Not what you’re looking for? Visit our sister properties at

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