It’s a special time of year. A time to be thankful. A time to show appreciation, especially for the little things like a warm cup of coffee on your patio or that crucial cup of sugar you borrowed from a neighbor. These moments are worthy of all gratitude as they contribute to the warmth and comforts of home at Catalina West. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, it is our pleasure to give thanks to these important curators of the little things. 


Our Residents

Any note of gratitude starts with our residents! You are the heart of this community and your company is the finest luxury of living at Catalina West. We adore the warmth and character you cultivate. We enjoy serving you and we hope our efforts will continue to enrich your life as you have enriched ours. Thank you for all the little things, for trusting our team with your happiness and most importantly, for making this community feel like home. Thank you for settling in with us!

Our Staff

Behind every beautiful home is a dedicated caretaker and we are fortunate to have an entire crew of devoted caretakers in our staff. From leasing agents to maintenance personnel, we have many blessings to count. If you work at Catalina West, you are very important to us. You are the comfort that welcomes people and the kindness that keeps them. You are a pivotal part of home at Catalina West. We take notice of your passion, expertise and professionalism, and we truly appreciate you. Thank you for being a valuable part of our team!

Our Medical Professionals

Medical professionals make up a good part of Catalina West residency and we consider that an honor. Maintaining the comforts of home for our healthcare heroes is a pleasure. We are forever grateful of the sacrifices you make every day, especially during these unprecedented times. Your selfless dedication and commitment deserve our deepest gratitude. Thank you for your courage to face fear and your drive to work tirelessly for the health and safety of our communities. Your little things are making a huge difference—you are saving lives. We can not say thank you enough.  



Luxury Is In the Little Things

At Catalina West, we believe luxury lives in the little things. The little things like the companionship of friendly neighbors, caring gestures from kind staff and the comfort of a beautiful home. May you use this time of year to reflect on the little things and appreciate life’s finest luxuries. Catalina West wishes you a very Happy Thanksgiving!