We have now entered the last year of the twenty-teens (scary we know), but it marks an opportunity to finish off the decade with some resolutions that will stick.


Clutter can build up quickly between apartment moves, new roommates, and old clothing amongst other things. Clutter can make your living space feel crowded and can make it tough to concentrate when performing other tasks around the house. Maybe it’s time to go through the closet and start bagging up any unwanted clothing and accessories.  You can donate them to Goodwill or a charity of your choosing while you are at it. Cleaning out your closet is great, but the clutter doesn’t stop there. Go clean your junk drawers out, sort through that ever-growing stack of mail, rid yourself of duplicates of things you don’t need. Decluttering your living space is refreshing and provides a sense of comfort when you arrive home after a day at work.

Change Your Surroundings

We have all heard of “feng shui” it is essentially laying out the things in your house in a manner that promotes positive energy and “good vibes”. If you feel stuck in a rut of normalcy move your bed to a new wall, change couch placement in the living room, move the coffee table. Change is healthy and invigorating, you have nothing lose and can always go back to how things were.

Home Improve

We all know those home projects we should do but just never get around to it.

It can be as simple as framing a picture or more complex like reupholstering furniture, but these improvements can add up over time. Take the time to look at your project queue and try to knock out the big items before you move on to the smaller projects.

Deep Clean

Especially in the heart of flu season, there is no better time to bust out the mop, duster, Windex, and Lysol! That’s right; it’s time to treat your home to a deep scrub. You can start by going room-to-room and begin mopping floors, vacuuming, cleaning windows, and eliminating dust bunnies that lurk under furniture. Next, you can visit all of the bathrooms with a scrubber and bleach to make all of your bathroom appliances sparkling white. There is nothing like a fresh and clean home to have you living your best life in 2019.

Statement Piece

Statement pieces are interior design staples for a reason. A statement piece is an item with the purpose of sparking conversation. It can be an extraordinary piece of street art you picked up on vacation, a vibrantly colored couch, or an art deco coffee table. Find a piece that screams “you” and will encourage comments from friends and family. At the end of the day, statement pieces should make you make you feel proud and serve as the “cherry on top” in your space.

We hope this list has spurred some more ideas in your mind for apartment resolutions. For many people, the new year means a new apartment. If you fall into this category, contact us here or visit us at 3420 Milwaukee Ave Lubbock, TX 79407

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