Do you Skype into meetings wearing pajama bottoms and a suit and tie top? Can you work from anywhere that has a wifi connection? Well, you probably work from home. As comforting as working from home may seem, work still needs to be done. So, here are a few tips for staying productive from that home office.

Make A Workspace

There is something to be said for how your environment affects your productivity. Even though you are lucky enough to work from home, you should have the mentality that you are indeed going to work. It may be a good idea to move your workspace from your bedroom to a place in your home that doesn’t encourage sleep or relaxation. That being said, you need to find a place in your home that alleviates feelings of stress and shifts your mindset from leisurely relaxation to the tasks at hand.

Get Mentally Prepared

How you begin your day is what sets the tone for what follows. It can begin with breakfast and a cup of coffee, organizing your workspace, exercise or even light stretching. Everyone is different and what works for you may not for someone else. Try waking up an hour earlier to see what you can get done around the house before the day starts. Having your house and personal life in order is key to success in the business world.

Use Time Wisely

To an outsider it may seem that working from home means freedom of structure and rules; however, this is most certainly not the case. In order to be successful day in and day out, you will need to operate on some sort of personal schedule. You should set times for breakfast and lunch, relaxation (no more than 17 minutes a break), and to browse your emails.

Take Breaks

Recently, research has shown that the most productive workers work in “bursts”. That is for one hour they tend to work diligently on a project then take a 15-minute break. These recharge periods help prevent you from burning out and give you something to look forward to when working on a project.

Change It Up

Sometimes, working from home will just seem too difficult. This is why it may be good to change up your surroundings every now and again. You can likely find coffee shops, libraries, and community workspaces in your area to suit your workplace needs.

We hope this list has got you thinking about ways to boost your productivity while working from home. For many people, working from home more effectively could mean a new apartment. If you fall into this category, contact us here or visit us at 3420 Milwaukee Ave Lubbock, TX 79407.