Not every gift has to be extravagant to be the best gift ever. Whether your welcoming new neighbors, or visiting friends in their new homes, finding the best housewarming gifts can be challenging. To make your job easier, we’ve come up with our favorite housewarming gifts ever that will leave the perfect touch.  

Traditional Housewarming Gifts  

The most traditional housewarming gift of all is food. Moving into a new house can be stressful, so why not help destress by gifting the perfect casserole or baked good. If you aren’t into cooking, make a fruit or vegetable basket. Listed below are some easy and traditional home gift ideas.

  • Candle
  • Blanket  
  • Soap and Spa Set
  • Bottle of Wine    
  • Gift Card to Home Décor Store  


What better and classic way to christen a new home than the gift of flowers. You can’t go wrong with floral arrangements as a housewarming gift. Flowers will instantly liven up a new home and add décor.

Another great thing about gifting flowers is that if you are not able to meet in person, you can always use a flower delivery service.  

DIY Housewarming Gifts

Feeling crafty and want to make a housewarming gift? We have a few ideas in mind. Our most popular DIY housewarming gift is a gift that will save the day.  

Home Repair Kits typically don’t come to mind when thinking of the perfect housewarming gift, but we can assure you this is something they will love and use. A basic repair kit includes a hammer, pliers, wrench, measuring tape, and screwdriver. Listed below are more ideas.  

  • DIY Air Freshener  
  • Picture Collage    
  • Homemade Lemonade Gift Kit
  • Painted Welcome Sign  
  • Cookie Mix in a Jar

Kitchen Essentials  

A new kitchen is full of possibility, so why not help break in the kitchen with the perfect kitchen essentials. You could even personalize this gift for the recipient. Listed below are more kitchen essential gift ideas.  

  • Cookbook  
  • Serving Tray
  • Cutting Board  
  • Spice Rack  
  • Bottle Opener