Getting ready to move into your apartment? Catalina West understands how exciting the moving process is, but wants to inform you of some safety tips you should follow for moving in the summertime.

Brace yourselves for the move-in process by considering to follow the below safety tips for summer apartment moving.

Stay Hydrated

The most important safety tip for moving in the Summer months is to drink plenty of water. You may be asking yourself, why is that? Well to answer your question, moving is a long and intensive workout.

Make sure you are drinking lots of fluid prior to your move-in day to prepare your body for the move. Once you are all hydrated up, this will give your body the proper energy to tackle on the big move.

Dress Appropriately

As many of you may already know, black attracts the sun. We recommend staying away from wearing dark colors on your move-in day to prevent heat exhaustion. You will want to wear something light in weight and color.

Choose an outfit you will be comfortable in and make sure to put on your comfiest shoes.

Since you will most likely be moving in on a beautiful sunny day, prepare to have sunscreen on. Moving requires a lot of inside and outside work so you will want to protect your skin from the high UV rays.

Move In the Middle of the Month

The first and end of the month are typically the busiest times to move. If you want to beat the moving crowd, plan to move in the middle of the month.

Choosing to follow this tip will allow you to have an easier time finding truck movers or renting vehicles on your move-in date. Besides, moving in the middle of the month decreases your chances of dealing with crowds of people in the elevators.

Pack Wisely

You never know what you are going to get with the weather in Lubbock, but you should plan accordingly for your moving day. If you happen to be moving on a day, it is hot outside, and you should be careful about what you are packing.

For example, don’t let candles sit in a hot vehicle or else they will melt, and you could have yourself an unwanted mess.

A pro tip would be to place your valuables in a safe and cool area. By doing so, you will decrease your chances of items being damaged or harmed.