With the 20’s here, what better excuse to prepare your space for a glamorous life? Follow these tips, including a few highlights from our blog, to make room for the 2020 of your dreams.



Breathe More Life Into Your Space

Consider the places in your home where you spend the most time and those that serve no purpose besides collecting dust. Don’t stay stuck with unused areas in your home! Just like your Barbie™ Dreamhouse™, your space can be rearranged to match the life you lead. Have an office you never use? Make it a yoga studio or reading nook. Don’t need a dining room and kitchen nook? Transform the latter into an extra food prep area or DIY butler’s pantry. This year, give yourself permission to be creative with how you use your space. That’s what makes it home!

Say YES! to Storage

Have a bunch of clutter closing in on your space? Not in 2020. Be your own Ikea™ fairy godmother and turn your home into a sea of clear surfaces. One of our go-to tips is to make sure your furniture is both decorative and functional. Find pieces with usable drawers and hidden compartments that can double as storage. Also, make sure to commit to quarterly purges of things you don’t need. Books, papers, and excess knickknacks are some of our biggest enemies in the fight against household clutter.

Make Your Home Pet-Friendly  

Make 2020 a great year for all of your family members—even those with fur! Check out our blog, Five Ways to Keep Your Apartment Pet-Friendly and On-Point, for tricks that will help transform your space into a stylish pet haven.

Declutter Your Closet

We don’t know about you, but to us, a tidy closet is like a gateway to heaven. This year, be excited to get dressed in the morning by following our guide for creating a closet that would earn a stamp of approval from Elle Woods®. Find it all in our blog How To Make Your Closet Feel Luxurious.

Move Into an Open Floor Plan

Don’t love your space? Today is your lucky day. Take advantage of our January Two-Bedroom special, and we’ll give you $100 off each month of rent. Not convinced? Check out our blog How Open Floor Plans Can Make You Happier ‎explaining how an open floor plan can actually brighten your spirits.



Make Your Home at Catalina West in 2020

What are you waiting for? Start the 20’s the right way at Catalina West.