Is your space ready for a refresh? Look no further than our list containing the hottest interior design trends of the next decade. Still looking for a place to call your own? Our beautiful, open-concept apartment homes are the perfect place to show off all your interior decor skills!



Say ‘Yes’ to the Blues with the Pantone Color of the Year

Classic Blue, the official Pantone Color of 2020, is a serene, classic hue that will effortlessly flow with the tone of your home. Add a gallery wall with pops of this color to your favorite room or toss a few throw pillows on your sofa. We have an affinity for this tone because it reminds us of West Coast waters but it will turn any home into an oasis.

Put Up a Bold (Removable) Wallpaper

If there’s one thing that’s true about design trends, it’s that they can be as fickle as our tastes! Luckily, this design trend allows you to embrace a bold wallpaper without requiring you to marry it. This option is also great for renters that love quirky design almost as much as they love the idea of keeping their security deposit.

Go Organic with Woven Elements

Texture is the most sensory element of any room and helps paint the mood. So paint away with woven pieces—they can add earthy softness to the sharpness of a minimalist look. Take an inventory of your rooms to see where you could soften the edges. The result will be a room that is as comfy as it is balanced.

Welcome Art Deco to the 20’s

The return on the ‘20’s has given art deco the second wind it deserves. Not familiar with this timeless trend? Think rich textures, elegant metallic accents, and intricate line art patterns.

Make Your Marble Dreams Come True

Instantly elevate the look and feel of your home with tasteful marble accents. This latest trend has spurred the emergence of marble and other stones in common household items such as pottery, dishes, cutting boards and bathroom toiletry items. You should be able to find plenty of options to make marble happen in your home. This is an element we’re especially fond of at Catalina West, where marble countertops are a must.

Let Your Vintage Flag Fly with Mid-century Mod

If you wish you could move into a home plucked straight out of Mad Men, Mid-Century Modern is for you. With bright colors, bold patterns, and vintage pieces, it’s a look that only gets better with time.

Be All About Abstract Art

Design truth: it doesn’t have to make sense to be beautiful. Embrace the bright colors and patterns of abstract walls to add pieces that are cohesive with your home color palette without working against your theme.

Make the Most of Minimalist Spaces

When it comes to interior design, sometimes less is more. Make a statement by eliminating excess clutter to make your negative space shine.



Can’t Wait to Start Decorating?

We don’t blame you. Get started in a rustic, luxury apartment home at Catalina West. Psst… we have two bedrooms waiting for a refresh!