When it comes to apartment hunting, our advice is always “find what feels like home” but sometimes it’s not that simple. If you’re considering leasing a two bedroom apartment home, we know you are thinking about expense. But are you also thinking about happiness and living your best life? If you can relate to any of the scenarios below, it’s probably time to make your move on a two bedroom apartment home.


1. You Work From Home

Whether the result of a flexible business model or Coronavirus safety precautions, working from home is now commonplace. If working from home looks to be a long-term or permanent situation for you, a two bedroom apartment would definitely “work”. A spare bedroom turned office creates an un-compromised environment which fosters better routines, organization, focus and ultimately productivity. Most important, a separate work space encourages a happier, healthier work and home-life balance.

2. You Need More Storage

If you have all the things, all the closets are probably full by now. That’s a pretty good sign you need to upgrade your apartment. A larger apartment home generally comes with more storage but a full second bedroom offers ample ways to house things, even when it’s used as a traditional guest room. But if you truly want extra space, there’s nothing more “extra” than a bedroom-sized, walk-in closet. Yes, your closet goals can become reality in a two bedroom apartment home!

3. You Have Frequent Guests

Although the past year may not have allowed for many visitors, your typical lifestyle will slowly revert back to normal. Many will likely be inspired to entertain and host more than ever. If you are the person who always plans the game nights, or the sibling who will host Thanksgiving dinner this year, a spare bedroom can be your best friend! As they come back around, your sleepover guests will definitely be better accommodated in a two bedroom apartment home.

4. You Need More “Me Time”

Everyone needs a happy place, right? If “man cave” or “she shed” comes is on your bucket list, a two bedroom apartment home can make it happen—no basement or back yard needed. If you don’t need room for a growing family or regular guests, a second bedroom can double as anything you can dream up! Like personal yoga space or artist’s studio. Invest in some shelving for a killer craft room or for the ultimate lounge, bring in a lazy boy and big-screen tv. It’s all worth it, if it equates to more much needed “me time”.

5. You Need to Lower Expenses

If you’ve fallen on hard times lately or just want to save more, roommate living in a two bedroom apartment is a great move! Sharing a lease with a trusted friend or family member allows you both to cut costs by splitting the rent and bills. Dividing the expenses of a two bedroom apartment will also likely afford you both a more luxurious floor plan and exclusive amenities to enjoy together.


Live Your Best Life at Catalina West!

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