Where resolutions never die. Explore the facility, equipment, and endless possibilities available in the Catalina West fitness center. As a resident of Catalina West, you have the luxury of unlimited access to a state-of-the-art fitness center guaranteed to help you keep all your fitness goals in check. 


Peloton® Bikes

Yes, we have Peloton® bikes! The most beloved machines of our fitness center are the electric Peloton® bicycles. If you know, you know. Our bikes also come with a free Peloton® membership for residents, so they can access all the amazing online classes with the OnePeloton program. It’s truly a dream come true to have these modern machines accessible any day of the week for no additional cost.

Free Weights & Bench

If you’re reading this blog, you may already know that the benefits of free weights are endless—that’s why we’ve stocked them and a weight bench in our workout space. Free weights force you to use your muscles in ways that help you build strength, power and coordination. They are also very versatile because you can use them in a variety of movements and routines. If you are new to free weight workouts, check out some of these fun workouts from healthline.com!

Treadmills, Ellipticals & Televisions

Cardio machines are the most widely used equipment because they are easy to use and reliable. They get your heart pumping to help reduce heart disease and other chronic diseases, improve sleep, boost your mood, and even improve brain function. Our treadmills have handrails which are ideal for anyone who is recovering from an injury with physical therapy. Our machines also feature mounted televisions, so you can turn your favorite show on while you get your workout on! 

Other Perks

We’re happy to supply all the basics for cardio and strength training, but there are a few extras, too. Like a yoga ball and various weighted balls for more tailored routines. Our facility was designed with large windows to let in ample natural light and help brighten your mood (window coverings for privacy). There’s also a mirror, just in case you need to capture that weekly progress shot via the mirror selfie.

Fitness Center Policies

Rules and standards are important. If we didn’t believe this, we wouldn’t be able to maintain the luxurious experiences and amenities at Catalina West. Fitness center rules are posted on signage within the facility for reference. We ask that our residents please read and respect these policies for the health and safety of visitors and for the longevity of the equipment. Our fitness center rules are as follows…

  1. Your cooperation in keeping this center clean and litter-free is greatly appreciated.
  2. Consult a physician before using any equipment.
  3. For use by residents only.
  4. Use at your own risk. Owner / management is not responsible for accidents or injury.
  5. Use equipment in accordance to displayed instructions.
  6. Limit usage to 30 minutes per machine when others are waiting.
  7. Wipe equipment surface clean after each use.
  8. Persons under 16 are not allowed in this facility.
  9. Report any damaged, malfunctioning or dangerous equipment to management immediately.
  10. Personal headphones are required for music.
  11. Management is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  12. Proper attire is required. No swimsuits allowed. Shirts required. Black soled shoes not permitted.
  13. No foul language or horseplay.
  14. Eating, smoking, pets or alcohol not permitted.
  15. Water bottles are welcome but please do not bring open containers.
  16. Please place weights back on rack after each use.
  17. Management reserves the right to deny use to anyone at any time for not following these policies.

Catalina West is #Goals 

We probably had you at “Peloton®”, right? With luxurious amenities like these, Catalina West is the paragon of luxurious apartment living in Lubbock, Texas. Reach out today if you want to reach your fitness goals AND live your best life!