Last year definitely tested our mental health, opening eyes to the value of routine self-care for well being. According to a survey by the Samueli Integrative Health Program, “80% of participants intended to be more mindful about regular self-care practices after the pandemic” however, 46% reported struggling to find ways to maintain their physical, mental and spiritual health. If you find yourself struggling to maintain “you time” this year, consider some of our self-care suggestions.


Unplug From Devices

Modern technology offers us many wonderful conveniences day-to-day, but not so much when you are trying to relax. Many times just some extended peace and quiet for the little things, like reading a book or taking a nap, is enough to refresh. But none of those things can truly be enjoyed with your phone, watch or computer continually buzzing you. So try giving yourself some distance from your devices. Turn things off or even take your efforts outside. Either way, a little down time allows you both time to fully recharge for later.

Enhance Your Homemade Spa

Face masks and bubble baths are an oldie but goodie! However, months at home lately may have dulled its shine. So, embellish your homemade spa experiences with more pampering! Try utilizing a diffuser to take in the combination of steam and your favorite essential oil while your bath water runs. For men, this would be a great time to give yourself a straight razor shave. And don’t skimp on little luxuries after your bath. Take some time to thoroughly moisturize from head to toe with your favorite body lotion (sunless tan anyone?). Then, cool off and wind down in bed wearing your softest comfy clothes. Bonus feels if your sheets are freshly washed! 

Move Your Body

We all know the physical benefits of exercise but many simple acts of movement also reinforce mental health and can easily be achieved, especially with apartment dwellers as amenities often encourage activity. Whether it’s an online Peloton class, a living room yoga session, a long walk to the mailbox or a simple closet clean-out, anything that involves movement helps your body produce endorphins. These feel-good neurotransmitters of the brain have been linked to easing symptoms of depression, relieving anxiety, and even sharpening memory. A little movement goes a long way!

Learn A New Skill

Yes, self-care can also be self improvement if it’s something that makes you happy. Have you always dreamed of speaking another language or learning how to watercolor? Fortunately, we live in a time where you can learn almost anything for free and from the comforts of home, thanks to modern apps and online courses. Try your hand at writing with poetry or journaling—a nice way to express and exercise your mind. If you’re more into information than arts, you could finally subscribe to the podcast that peaked your interest. The trick with this one is to stay engaged in the material to avoid multitasking!

Connect With Someone

We always say “we need to talk more”. Well, self-care is your way to actualize this AND fulfill your mental health needs. When you are distant from any social or family circles, you miss these relationships more than you realize. It’s because we are inherently social and need to stay connected. It’s good for the soul. Make “just because” calls with friends and family to have a laugh, have a moment and lose track of time. If you’re tired of your electronics and you live in an apartment community, you literally have company right next door. Invest in that connection and you’ll never go without self-care for long!   


Enjoy Yourself at Catalina West

At Catalina West, we believe self-care is essential to a healthy lifestyle AND a happy home only helps the effort. A tight-knit community, sophisticated home design, and luxury amenities welcome you home and provide you more ways to thrive. Discover your new happy place at Catalina West in Lubbock, Texas.